Sockeye Party
Cinematographer, Editor - Dylan Tucson UX designer, Actor - Trevor Naughton AD, Producer, Editor, Actress - Annie Shepard
New York Book Review
Art Direction and Copy Dylan Tucson
Listerine Pocket Pacs
Art Direction - Dylan Tucson Copywriting - Brendan Howard
Art Direction - Dylan Tucson Copywriting - Josh Clayton
Burger King Triple Whopper
Art Direction - Dylan Tucson Copywriter - Jack McNamara
Sabra Hummus
Spec work for VCU Brandcenter for Sabra Hummus Art Direction - Dylan Tucson Copywriter - Josh Clayton
Harry's Handcare
Art Direction, Photography, Cinematography - Dylan Tucson Gum ball machine, Web design - Rana Ayhan Product Design, Web design, Tyler King
T-Mobile # Punished Campaign Extention
Spec work for VCU Brandcenter, as part of a campaign extension for the T-mobile #Punished 2017 Super Bowl commercial. Art Direction, Book Design, Audio Recording, Voice Over, Video - Dylan Tucson Art Direction, Popup store front design - Eddie Allen Web Design, Copywriting - Rana Ayhan
Colorspace Cardgame
Card game design, inspired by color theory. A mixture of Scrabble, tug of war, and dominos. Game design, Graphic design - Dylan Tucson Packaging design - Tommy Carrol
Harley-Davidson Bicycle
What if Harley-Davidson made a bicycle? I would imagine it would have a nitro aided pedal motor, chain saw bike chains, and a spear to impale your victims. Copy and Art Direction - Dylan Tucson
California Closets
California closets are customized to the individual. Meaning each closet is as unique as the people who use them. “Spaces Designed For You” Copywriter -Brian Marcolini Art Direction - Dylan Tucson
Amazon Canopy
This is a spec campaign for VCU Brandcenter for Amazon. Part of a global initiative to protect rainforests from deforestation due to palm oil production. Campaign focused on building a special filter for Palm Oil free products and additional marketing and education efforts across all of Amazon products. Logo design, Video editing - Dylan Tucson Web Experience - Ashley Glover, Laura Strukl Strategy - Cole Hammack, Derek Longest Copywritier - Clayton Notestine
Cinematography, Editing - Dylan Tucson Copywriter, Actor - Brendan Howard Title Design, Actress - Casey Phillips Copywriter, Gaffer - Brian Marcolini
Krazy Glue
Spec work from VCU Brandcenter, a campaign for Krazy Glue. Krazy Glue can redeem "broken toys". Art direction - Dylan Tucson
Kiwi Shoe Polish
Kiwi Shoe Polish This was spec work as admission to VCU Brandcenter, a campaign focusing on highlighting the diversity of shoe polish consumers, outside of a elite few.  Art direction - Dylan Tucson