C-SPAN has no editorial content. It's a glorified webcam. In an age of increasing polarization, it's hard to find a channel where you have the space to form your own opinion. 
Art Direction - Dylan Tucson Copywriter - Josh Clayton
Lenticular billboards with the current news from C-Span, without any adjectives or bias similar to "Mad Libs, when viewed from the Left, a Left position is filled in, when viewed from the Right, positions from the Right are filled in.
To play off their iconic "Yea or Nay" congressional voting session, and combine it with their existing Facebook polls, we would bring the experience out in major cities, near Congress, and even small towns, and allow users take stickers and "vote" or use said stickers on anything they have an opinion of. This can also be expanded digitally.
C-Span presents politics, in its most transparent form, we want to bring these public records, actually to the public, at places of waiting.
Unskippable pre-roll on selected political videos, that begs the viewer's attention of the transparentness of C-Span as an authoritative source of news. This can also be used on other social platforms as gifs.
Snapchat stickers
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