Lowe's wanted to be the go-to destination for smart home tech - and after pivoting many times, our team ended up with the winning pitch.
CREATIVE CAMPAIGN: People Aren't Perfect.
Lowe's knows the people who live in your space, visit your space, and even yourself in your own space - can be annoying. All of these people forget things or do things that mess up how our homes are running - by showing this truth, we can connect with people who care about their homes on an emotional vs. rational level.
Art Director: Dylan Tuscon, Cinematographer, Tagline, Coupon 
Art Director: Mike Rodriguez, Illustration, Print, In-Store, Motion Graphics
Copywriter: Joshua Clayton
XD: Aaron Wachsstock
Strategist: Alexandra Danks 
CBM: Morgan Garber
Full campaign details can be found here
Logo and tagline

:30 Spot (Carolers)

:15 Pre Roll (Thermostat)

It is proven that over half of tech buyers want to test products before buying - and where is a better place to test tech than at SXSW? Lowe's can outfit Airbnb's in the Austin area with smart home tech which will inspire people to try out the tech, and then in turn buy them.
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