Summer Internship Concepts
Art Direction - Dylan Tucson Copywriter - Brendan Howard

Carvana's Vending Machine process for context

Outdoor Stunts
Ordering a car from Carvana online should be fast and hassle free compared to a traditional dealer, what better way than to provide a online car buying kit for the public to try and pick up off from the street and enjoy.
Carvana is one of the few car companies in the US that sell it's cars through selected "vending machines" that customers can arrive to enjoy the fascination of it's delivery. This concept is what would happen if the cars were treated like actual toy cars that were missing from the upcoming launch of a new "vending machine" in a selected city. 
Another version of this concept shows the car in a giant tablet, displaying it like a car showroom, but this time the showroom is presented in a large online space.
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