Able to withstand water, fire, physical damage, data corruption, and even bullets 
The (virtually) indestructible hard drive,
Art Director - Dylan Tucson, Copywriter - Jack McNamara
Because the hard drive can withstand everything outside of God themself, a rhyme was written about this, this was incorporated into an endless social campaign that will keep getting updated till we stop paying the interns.
Noticing that ioSafe's logo is black and red, and the fact "io" is binary, led to "binary thinking" the limits of this drive, from the smallest problems to the most catastrophic, these would be placed in tech magazines, and industry publications like film or photography.
We designed a mobile app that serves the pourpose of providing you on the business end info about your connected ioSafe, but a aditional button takes the user to a hidden "game room" showing random mini games showing off the ruggedness of ioSafe
To play into the "binary" thinking, how about an app that can connect to your drive to monitor it, but by clicking on the joystick, takes you into the "red room" where users can play random minigames that show the durability of the drive
Want to take out stress? In this small installation that can be installed in select "tech markets" (San Fran, Austin) we can have users go into the peaceful padded "white room" to get a close look at the drive and its feature in peace, or walk into the rage "red" room, and take out their anger in a mini rage room on ioSafes. 
In this stunt, an ioSafe will be encased in concrete and installed at Wall Street near an office building, the window from the building would be removed with bright caution tape, setting the scene that the drive was tossed out in a financial panic, and falling like an anvil. Later in the day, "ioSafe" techs come by to pry it out and "recover it" answering questions to the media about its durability.
During SXSW, a installation called the "IT Horrorshow" would be built, showing large-scale drives as booths, housing various attractions, showing the durability of the drive, from having a 5,000 pound Ford Taurus being held up by the drive,  to fire breathers and flamethrowers, axe throwing, Tesla Coils, and even a BB gun shooting gallery.
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