I would tap 100 times...
and I would tap 100 more...
Instagram Story
To celebrate "Friendship Day" on August 4th, 2019 we decided to create an innovative game that makes the fullest extent of Instagram Story functionality.
You would travel a long way to do something nice for a good friend. 
We’ have people a way to show their friends how far they would go for them by creating a 100-frame IG story. 
At the end of this “journey” is a frame that people can share with their good friends that says 
 “I care about you so much that I tapped through 100 frames to send you this.”.
Associate Creative Director - Romeo Cervas 
Intern Art Director & Motion Graphics Animator- Dylan Tucson
Jr Copywriter - Walker Pfost
Design Assistants - Aurelie Diaz, Riley Peak, Carey Gordon
Stick Shift Your Perspective 
Instagram In-feed and stickers
In honor of "Stick-Shift Appreciation Day" on July 16th, 2019 Honda decided to celebrate with a full fledge campaign promoting Honda's dedication for having the most manual transmission cars available. 
Some people think stick shift cars are just for gear-heads or people with special automotive knowledge, but the truth is they’re very accessible. 
We’ll encourage people to “stick shift” their perception by match-cutting videos of the entire line-up of Honda manual cars 
Associate Creative Director - Romeo Cervas 
Intern Art Director - Dylan Tucson 
Jr Copywriter - Walker Pfost 
Video Editor - Wendy Sandoval 
Motion Graphics Designer - Aline Caudle 
We also designed and created exclusive Honda branded Instagram stickers for the event. 
Intern Art Director - Dylan Tucson 
Designer - Arata Fukoe
Lastly we aimed at creating a "platform hack" that encourages users to 
"Shift" through our in-feed Instagram carousel 
Sense - O - MatiC
For National Fair day, we realized every fair has a fortune teller. 
And, just as Honda Sensing® tells you what’s about to happen to your car,  
the Honda Sense-O-Matic tells you what’s about to happen in your life.
We’ll ask people to reply to our post with the month they
were born and the color of their car, and the Honda Sense-O-Matic will tell them their fortune.
The answers will be from a car’s POV, predicting things like future passengers
 and recommending things like making sure you have enough fuel, etc.

Associate Creative Director - Romeo Cervas 
Intern Art Director - Dylan Tucson 
Jr Copywriter - Walker Pfost 

Intro Video on Instagram Stories
Response cards from gathered user submitted responses on Instagram Stories.
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